Why skate?

Skateboarding means something different to just about everybody. Think about it – it could be riding a vert ramp, tech street tricks, cruising on a longboard across uni, bombing a hill at high speeds or shredding the local skate park. And then there’s the deeper reasons to skate – the creativity, the freedom, to escape, as a sport, recreation or just a way of transport. Its also a great way to boost self confidence, build social skills and helps develop ninja-like instincts.

All you need is you, a board and some concrete. The possibilities are endless.

Taster Sessions for Schools

A Skate Skool ‘taster session’ can be up to an hour long for classes of up to 30 students and includes free skate time as well as an instructional session on the basics of both skateboarding and inline skating.

We bring a van fully equipped with enough gear for the whole class as well as a couple of ramps and obstacles. Safety of participants is high priority. All participants are equipped with a helmet and crash pads.

Contact us if your school would like a visit from the Skate Skool.

Skill Based Programmes

We can offer small structured in-school, after school, lunchtime or weekend programmes for all ages and abilities.

Our programmes are designed to kickstart your skills and help you progress through all the basics. The Cheapskates Skate Skool provides a safe learning environment through the use of good equipment, experienced skaters and a programme based on natural progression. All the gear is provided at each session including helmets and crash pads.

Skill based programmes can be tailored to suit the number of sessions you require and can be focused on either skateboarding, inline skating or a combination of both.

Learn to Skateboard » DECKnology Programme

Learn about the board, Skate safety, Skateboarding terrain/Where to skate, Stance, Pushing, Stopping, Carving, The Kick-turn, Drop offs, The manual, Skating transition, The ollie and other street skating skills.

Learn to Inline Skate » Concrete Fundamentals Programme

Learn about the skates, Skate safety, Inline skating terrain/Where to skate, Getting up, Striding, Turning, The heel stop, T-stop & spin stop, Step-overs, cross-overs, How to skate faster & more efficiently, Skating backwards and other advanced skills.


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