Scotty Buckner

Skate Skool instructor Scotty Buckner assessing the earthquake damage

Scott Buckner is 31 years old and was born and raised in the grid city that is Christchurch. He has over 22 years experience on wheels and 15 years experience as a skate instructor. Influenced by the feeling of freedom and the adrenaline kick that skating gave him Scott’s passion for rolling started from cruising the streets and local skate parks of Christchurch and developed into a permanent lifestyle. At age 12 he was recognised for his skills and joined the Cheapskates Skate team and began part-time work in the High Street shop.

In 2004, Scott competed at Vodafone X-Air in Hamilton placing 11th at only 16 years old and again in 2007 at X-Air in Wellington. Straight out of high school he continued to work at Cheapskates fulltime developing into the roll of assistant manager before stepping into the role of rental and events co-ordinator. In this role he began running regular skate competitions including the annual Cheapskates Skateboarding Regionals which has become a well established event amongst many more  as part of the summer skate series across the city. His biggest event so far has been the the 2009 Skullcandy Rail Jam. This event involved bringing 20 tonnes of snow from Mt Hutt to the urban arena of Sol Square for a down-town snowboarding event which Scott quotes “was a logistical nightmare but a good experience”

Although Scott began rolling on 8 wheels he now spends more time these days pushing on 4 and enjoys skateboarding just as much as inline skating. He also enjoys ‘bombing’ steep streets in the Port Hills on his longboard and carving lines in the snow on his snowboard in winter.

In December 2009, Scott finished working in the Cheapskates store to launch the Skate Skool. He gets a huge buzz out of seeing others experience the thrill of rolling and feels that skating is the cure to boredom.

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