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Brofile #10 — Dion & Jacob Schweikl

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26th June

Brofile or brofiles? As things have quietened off for the winter here, our photog Andy took a couple of 9 year old twin rippers to set the stage for Brofile #10. Dion and Jacob Schweikl are regulars at our events, and have enough passion and enthusiasm for skateboarding to inspire anyone. Jellie Park Skatepark was the destination of choice and these guys continue to get better. Nothing better than some sibling rivalry to step things up!

Here’s a few photos from the session and some words they each had to say…


Name: Dion Schweikl
Age? 9
Reg­u­lar or goofy? Regular
Fav local spot/skatepark: Washington
Fav trick? Lazerflip
Street/Park/Bowl? — Why? Park. Because I’m not the best at bowl
Who hooks you up? Dad
Fav all time skate­boarder? Chaz Ortiz
Fav skate vid/ last one you watched? King of the road
Lis­ten­ing to music while skat­ing? — What tunes? No
Tight or loose … Read More »

BroFile #9: Alex Baker

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27th April

For Brofile #9 we lined up local ripper Alex Baker and put him in the spotlight. We shot these photos over two sessions — a little park and a little street, challenged Alex a little and he more than nailed it. A purveyor of colourful shirts and hand-crafted griptape art, we caught up with Alex to give his two cents for our quick fire questions. Here’s what he had to say…

Name: Alex Baker

Age? 17.

Reg­u­lar or goofy? Regular.

Fav local spot/skatepark: The bean hive.

Fav trick? Nollie-flip.

Street/Park/Bowl? Street, always something new to try.

Who hooks you up? No-one.

Fav all time skate­boarder? Harry (main) Warburton.

Fav skate vid/ last one you watched? Ritchie Jackson part two.

Lis­ten­ing to music while skat­ing? Yea, Wu-Tang/the xx.

Tight or loose trucks? Loose.

Worst skat­ing injury? Nothing to worry about (rolled ankle).

Cur­rent setup? Nelson Creek board, Venture trucks, Spitfire wheels, Bones bearings and … Read More »

BroFile #8: Ned Simpson

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5th March

Ned Simpson » Airwalk (angle one)

The other day I headed down to the notorious Thomson Park to get a few photos of local legend Ned Simpson. The one thing I noticed instantly about Ned is he’s happy, loving life. Day to day tasks include working at the New Brighton DC outlet store, skating the mini ramp there, them heading to TP to skate some more, pretty sweet. He put on a good show with some tricks that don’t come around that often like some pretty stylish airwalks, judo airs, and rocket airs to name a few. Although some of these didn’t get stomped for the photos, I’m sure with a little more time they would have been. Over to Ned…

Name: Ned Simpson.

Age? 19.

Reg­u­lar or goofy? Regular.

Fav local spot/skatepark: Thomson park.

Fav trick? Airwalk/fingerflips.

Street/Park/Bowl? Bowl and Park. — Why? It’s fast and … Read More »

Brofile #7: Zak Mclean

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18th January

Zak Mclean » Kickflip » Busyard gap, Christchurch

Welcome the first post of Brofile. Since we realised we were quickly running out of potential groms in Christchurch, we decided to change the name from Grom of the Month so we can continue our shoot and rider profile to riders of all ages and backgrounds.

To kick things off we caught up with local ripper Zak Mclean and ventured around a few street spots in Christchurch. One thing I noted about Zak when he’s in front of the camera, he’s committed — he doesn’t give up. If he doesn’t land something, he keeps at it until it’s stomped, and stomped cleanly.

Here’s what Zak had to say for our quickfire questions:

Name: Zak Mclean
Age? 16
Reg­u­lar or goofy? Regular
Fav local spot/skatepark: Washington Skate Park
Fav trick? Gotta love them kickflips
Street/Park/Bowl? — Why? Street, just love going to … Read More »

BroFile #6: Jayden Edmonds

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9th November

Jayden Edmonds » Ollie over the tabletop

I was on the scout for a young ripper to shoot for November’s Grom of the Month, so headed down to Washington. Chilling over in the corner I spotted Jayden Edmonds, recalled a few good lines and tricks up his sleeve from our Skate Jams, and hit him up for a shoot.

There was no waiting, straight on the board and hucking ollies down the bank to the flat in a matter of seconds. His energy and enthusiasm for skating is huge (or he’s just had too much energy drink), if he didn’t land something, or I missed the split second for getting the right shot, he was back dropping in before I could get my old haggard self back into position.

Here’s what Jayden had to say for our quickfire questions:

Name: Jayden Edmonds
Age? 13
Reg­u­lar or … Read More »

Brofile #5: Dan Kelcher

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12th September

Dan Kelcher » FS Smith Tailgrab

You’ve all been waiting for it — Dan Kelcher, the young ripper who graced the front page of The Press a few months ago is now features in our Grom Of The Month for September.

Only recently clicking over to 14 years old DK is bringing a strong revival to transition skating by use of his own creative lines and out of the square tricks. We caught up with him at the bogan-infested Waltham bowl to shoot a few of those tricks and fire a few questions his way. This is what he had to say…

Name: Dan Kelcher
Age? 14
Reg­u­lar or goofy? Regular
Fav local spot/skatepark: T.P and Waltham Bowl.
Fav trick? Frontside grinds and Smiths.
Street/Park/Bowl? — Why? Bowl! It’s easy, fun, you can make up flowing lines and go real fast.
Who hooks you up? Dave North at Nelson … Read More »

BroFile #4: Vincent Bolt

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3rd August

August’s GOTM is the Grom everyone’s been waiting for, Vincent Bolt. As usual, he’s pulled a nice set of tricks out of the bag for us. At only 12 years old, Vincent’s already turning heads down at the park/bowl. Keep an eye out for him.

Name: Vincent Bolt.
Age? 12
Reg­u­lar or goofy? Goofy
Fav local spot/skatepark: Wash & T.P.
Fav trick? Back Smith
Street/Park/Bowl? — Why? Bowl, it just seems the most fun for me
Who hooks you up? Vox shoes and my Dad always helps me out
Fav all time skate­boarder? John Cardiel
Fav skate vid/ last one you watched? Anti-Hero, Tent City
Lis­ten­ing to music while skat­ing? — What tunes? The Ramones, The Clash, The Smiths, Bad Brains
Tight or loose trucks? Loose
Worst skat­ing injury? Broke my tooth on the coping at T.P. Got 7 stitches to get it out of my lip
Cur­rent setup? Anti-Hero deck, Indy trucks, … Read More »

Brofile #3: Saul Titheridge

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7th July

After keeping an eye on this young dude over our summer series and seeing him absolutely rip around the parks at the mere age of nine, we decided to get him onboard for July’s Grom of the Month… Introducing Saul Titheridge.

Saul is definitely one to watch with his 110% commitment and enthusiasm to skateboarding. He drops in, bails, gets back on the board and drops in again until he gets it. Awesome to see. Could be inspiration for some of us older skaters who get lazy and make up excuses… Scroll on for his quickfire questions and some photos of him tearing up Washington.

Name: Saul Titheridge
Age? 9
Reg­u­lar or goofy? Reg­u­lar
Fav local spot/skatepark: Wash
Fav trick? Indy
Street/Park/Bowl? — Why? Park, Because there are more things to do.
Who hooks you up? No one (yet)
Fav all time skate­boarder? Bam Margera
Fav skate vid/ last one … Read More »

Brofile #2: Jordan McStay

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17th June

Jordan McStay » 5-0 Fakie

June’s Grom Of the Month is our comp regular (and regular board snapper) Jordan McStay. We got him up early last Saturday for a shoot down at Thomson Park, made him bail hard on his arse cause it was still wet, and hounded him on Facebook until he got his answers back! Cheers Jordan, you’ve got all the persistence and determination any good skater needs — below is an insight to Jordan, and a few pics from the session. Photos by Andy Brown.

Name: Jordan McStay
Age? 15
Years skating? 2–3
Regular or goofy? Regular
Fav local spot/skatepark: The Bean Hive
Fav trick? Salmon (360 flip)
Street/Park/Bowl? – Why? Street, because it’s better for filming
Who hooks you up? Don’t have any sponsors
Fav all time skateboarder? Shane O’neill
Fav skate vid/ last one you watched? Favourite’s Real since day one. That’s the last one I … Read More »

BroFile #1: Liam Currie

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14th May

Liam-Currie » Backside Melon | Thomson Park | Photo » Andy Brown

Grom of the Month is a new feature on our blog, we’re going to be catching up with a young ripper each month firing them a few questions and snapping a few pics. A warm round of applause for our debut grom — Liam Currie.

Name: Liam Currie
Age: 11 years old
Years rolling: 4
Stance: Goofy
Fav local spot/skatepark: Thomson park
Fav Trick: 50 fakie
Street/Park/Bowl? – why? Street, coz its always fun looking for new spots to skate.
Who hooks ya up: Cheapskates
Fav all time skateboarder: Curren Caples
Fav Skate vid/last one you watched: Favourite – Volcom Lets Live , Last one I watched was Chicagof
Listenening to music while skating? – what tunes? When I do listen to tunes while skating its usually roots/rock/reggae stuff, Kings of Leon too.
Tight or loose trucks: Loose
Worst skating injury: Ripped … Read More »

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