BroFile #8: Ned Simpson

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Ned Simpson » Airwalk (angle one)

The other day I headed down to the notorious Thomson Park to get a few photos of local legend Ned Simpson. The one thing I noticed instantly about Ned is he’s happy, loving life. Day to day tasks include working at the New Brighton DC outlet store, skating the mini ramp there, them heading to TP to skate some more, pretty sweet. He put on a good show with some tricks that don’t come around that often like some pretty stylish airwalks, judo airs, and rocket airs to name a few. Although some of these didn’t get stomped for the photos, I’m sure with a little more time they would have been. Over to Ned…

Name: Ned Simpson.

Age? 19.

Reg­u­lar or goofy? Regular.

Fav local spot/skatepark: Thomson park.

Fav trick? Airwalk/fingerflips.

Street/Park/Bowl? Bowl and Park. — Why? It’s fast and scary.

Who hooks you up? DC New Brighton.

Fav all time skate­boarder? Rob Dyrdek.

Fav skate vid/ last one you watched? South in your mouth.

Lis­ten­ing to music while skat­ing? Sometimes. — What tunes? Good beats and dubstep.

Tight or loose trucks? Loose.

Worst skat­ing injury? Faceplant, 11.5 feet onto my eye.

Cur­rent setup? Slave deck, Venture trucks, Pig wheels, Pig Speedstars bearings.

A good skateboarder’s diet should always include? Chicken burgers.

What are you going to be doing in 5 years? Hopefully traveling around skating hard.

Any final words? Grab a skateboard and come skate!

Ned Simpson » Airwalk (angle two)

Ned Simpson » Frontside Air Transfer to the 3

Ned Simpson » Switch Rock Fakie

Ned Simpson » Frontside Air Transfer to the 5

Ned Simpson » Fakie Frontside Feeble Stall 270 out

Ned Simpson » Fakie Frontside 270 Pivot on the loveseat

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