Brofile #5: Dan Kelcher

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Dan Kelcher » FS Smith Tailgrab
Dan Kelcher » FS Smith Tailgrab

You’ve all been waiting for it — Dan Kelcher, the young ripper who graced the front page of The Press a few months ago is now features in our Grom Of The Month for September.

Only recently clicking over to 14 years old DK is bringing a strong revival to transition skating by use of his own creative lines and out of the square tricks. We caught up with him at the bogan-infested Waltham bowl to shoot a few of those tricks and fire a few questions his way. This is what he had to say…

Name: Dan Kelcher
Age? 14
Reg­u­lar or goofy? Regular
Fav local spot/skatepark: T.P and Waltham Bowl.
Fav trick? Frontside grinds and Smiths.
Street/Park/Bowl? — Why? Bowl! It’s easy, fun, you can make up flowing lines and go real fast.
Who hooks you up? Dave North at Nelson Creek Skateboards and Cheapskates.
Fav all time skate­boarder? Probably Chris Miller but there’s way too many to list.
Fav skate vid/ last one you watched? AntiHero Skateboards Tent City, it had some pretty good Hewitt footage.
Lis­ten­ing to music while skat­ing? — What tunes? To tell the truth I think it’s pretty distracting, I listen to some dub if I’m just cruising round.
Tight or loose trucks? Loose so I can turn good and not fall off.
Worst skat­ing injury? Breaking my arm.
Cur­rent setup? Nelson Creek old school shape with the only trucks (149 Indys) and Flyns Bones SPFS.
A good skateboarder’s diet should always include? Coconut, pineapple, mango, fruit, meat, lots of water and bacon with onions.
What are you going to be doing in 5 years? Skating bowls, pools, and hopefully some vert, and just go surfing all the rest of the time
Any final words? Cheers!

Dan Kelcher » 5-0 Revert 02
Dan Kelcher » 5-0 Revert

Dan Kelcher » FS Boneless
Dan Kelcher » FS Boneless

A few grinds under the belt
A few grinds under the belt

One response to “Brofile #5: Dan Kelcher”

  1. Tomas Edn says:

    As a skater I’ve found this post impressive. Dan Kelcher awesome skating skill inspired me. Really in the age of 14 he did awesome staff. Nice and admirable. Thanks dude 🙂

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