BroFile #4: Vincent Bolt

Posted on August 3rd, by Andy in BroFile. 5 comments

Vincent Bolt

August’s GOTM is the Grom everyone’s been waiting for, Vincent Bolt. As usual, he’s pulled a nice set of tricks out of the bag for us. At only 12 years old, Vincent’s already turning heads down at the park/bowl. Keep an eye out for him.

Name: Vincent Bolt.
Reg­u­lar or goofy?
Fav local spot/skatepark:
Wash & T.P.
Fav trick?
Back Smith
Street/Park/Bowl? — Why?
Bowl, it just seems the most fun for me
Who hooks you up?
Vox shoes and my Dad always helps me out
Fav all time skate­boarder?
John Cardiel
Fav skate vid/ last one you watched?
Anti-Hero, Tent City
Lis­ten­ing to music while skat­ing? — What tunes?
The Ramones, The Clash, The Smiths, Bad Brains
Tight or loose trucks?
Worst skat­ing injury?
Broke my tooth on the coping at T.P. Got 7 stitches to get it out of my lip
Cur­rent setup?
Anti-Hero deck, Indy trucks, Spitfire wheels and bearings
A good skateboarder’s diet should always include?
Milk and bread
What are you going to be doing in 5 years?
Skating the new bowl at Washington
Any final words?

Vincent Bolt » Frontside Air
Vincent Bolt » Frontside Air

Vincent Bolt » Backside Disasters
Vincent Bolt » Backside Disasters

Vincent Bolt » 50/50 Transfer
Vincent Bolt » 50/50 Transfer

5 responses to “BroFile #4: Vincent Bolt”

  1. Dan says:

    Rad back lip Bro

  2. sick dude. come get amongst up in welly man. always good to skate with shredders. try our pool

  3. richard says:

    AWSOME VINCENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ben says:

    Frontside air is sick

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