Brofile #2: Jordan McStay

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Jordan McStay » 5-0 Fakie

June’s Grom Of the Month is our comp regular (and regular board snapper) Jordan McStay. We got him up early last Saturday for a shoot down at Thomson Park, made him bail hard on his arse cause it was still wet, and hounded him on Facebook until he got his answers back! Cheers Jordan, you’ve got all the persistence and determination any good skater needs — below is an insight to Jordan, and a few pics from the session. Photos by Andy Brown.

Name: Jordan McStay
Years skating?
Regular or goofy?
Fav local spot/skatepark:
The Bean Hive
Fav trick?
Salmon (360 flip)
Street/Park/Bowl? – Why?
Street, because it’s better for filming
Who hooks you up?
Don’t have any sponsors
Fav all time skateboarder?
Shane O’neill
Fav skate vid/ last one you watched?
Favourite’s Real since day one. That’s the last one I watched too
Listening to music while skating? – What tunes?
Wu tang or Biggie
Tight or loose trucks?
Worst skating injury?
Uh, I’ve had four concussions — that’s about all
Current setup?
Nelson Creek. Independents. Bone Reds. Spitfires
A good skateboarder’s diet should always include?
What are you going to be doing in 5 years?
Any final words?

5-0 Fakie
5-0 Fakie

Varial Heelflip
Varial Heelflip

Vincent, Jordan, and Tane
Vincent, Jordan, and Tane

2 responses to “Brofile #2: Jordan McStay”

  1. ??? says:

    jordan isnt a grom, vincent should have got the article.

  2. Andy says:

    Jordan’s 15 and he rips… That’s Grom enough for us!

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