BroFile #1: Liam Currie

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Liam-Currie » Backside Melon | Thomson Park
Liam-Currie » Backside Melon | Thomson Park | Photo » Andy Brown

Grom of the Month is a new feature on our blog, we’re going to be catching up with a young ripper each month firing them a few questions and snapping a few pics. A warm round of applause for our debut grom — Liam Currie.

Name: Liam Currie
Age: 11 years old
Years rolling: 4
Stance: Goofy
Fav local spot/skatepark: Thomson park
Fav Trick: 50 fakie
Street/Park/Bowl? – why? Street, coz its always fun looking for new spots to skate.
Who hooks ya up: Cheapskates
Fav all time skateboarder: Curren Caples
Fav Skate vid/last one you watched: Favourite – Volcom Lets Live , Last one I watched was Chicagof
Listenening to music while skating? – what tunes? When I do listen to tunes while skating its usually roots/rock/reggae stuff, Kings of Leon too.
Tight or loose trucks: Loose
Worst skating injury: Ripped my knee open at Methven skate park and needed 8 stitches.
Setup: Nelson Creek 8″, Indy Trucks, Gold wheels and Cheapskates Bearings.

Liam Currie » Front Indy | Thomson Park
Liam Currie » Front Indy | Thomson Park | Photo » Andy Brown

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